• Unitive Leadership Training



    We were made for these times.

  • Why Unitive Leadership:


    We believe we are in a time where unitive leadership, the ability to bring groups together, is essential for answering the challenges and opportunities before us.


    Unitive Leadership is the radical call to embrace difference as the way towards creating a higher form of togetherness. This possibility is dependent on our capacity as facilitators, coaches, and consultants to stay embodied, open, and connected to one another in spaces of tension, confusion, and difference in perspective. The more comfortable we are in our discomfort, the more capable we are of creating space for new and dynamic ways of collaborating to emerge.


    This workshop brings a unique approach to the field of leadership and facilitating group dynamics by combining four domains of knowledge and practice:

    • Integral Facilitation
    • Meditation
    • Adult Developmental Psychology
    • Improvisational Music and Embodiment Practices

    This Style of Work:


    This training is highly experiential and engages the group in dialogue, play, and creative exercises intended to awaken understanding of one's capacity to see, work with, and navigate group dynamics around complex topics. The experience will be complemented with live demonstrations and in-the-moment “pointing out” instructions by the facilitators, making the subtle dynamics more visible to everyone. Like a sports team reviewing the last play on the sidelines, participants will have the opportunity to freeze frame and zoom in and out of the play-by-play.



    In this workshop we meet each other directly and compassionately.

    Our very encounter is the curriculum.


    We invite participants that are open to expanding and shifting their points of view and deepening their capacity to care for one another

    through facilitated inter-group experiences.


    In this space, all points of view, all emotions, all backgrounds, and all orientations are welcome and, indeed, necessary for us to learn

    how to be Unitive Leaders.



  • Your Guides

    Spencer Honeyman

    Spencer is dedicated to helping people live more naturally and honestly in themselves. He is a graduate of Pomona College and has been a student of yoga, meditation, and human development for the last decade, studying in in the streams of Shadow Yoga, Thomas Huebl, Tibetan Buddhism, and Integral Theory.


    Spencer has been involved with music throughout his life and weaves this into his facilitation work through creative exercises. He is trained in facilitating Circlesong through Dave Worm in Oakland and is a Certified Integral Facilitator through Ten Directions & Diane Hamilton.


    Above all, Spencer brings an a deep sense of fun and love for truth into all of the work that he does. He lives with his wife and son in Wildcat Canyon.

    Gabriel Wilson

    Gabe is a talented facilitator and educator skilled at working with difficult issues, diverse perspectives, and across generational boundaries. His interpersonal depth is matched only by his integrity and open-heartedness.


    He was a lecturer at Stanford University, where he taught and facilitated a personal development course, Designing Your Life, that applied design thinking to students' personal and vocational development.


    A Certified Integral Facilitator, Gabe is the Director of the Integral Diversity Initiative, a practice-think tank exploring the application of integral theory and facilitation to the territory of diversity. With clarity and compassion he invites us to experience our interconnectedness through the truths of our differences. He grew up in the U.S. and Brazil and is currently based in the Bay Area.

  • What you will receive

    You Will Practice:

    • Embodiment in the presence of tension
    • Generating psychological safety.
    • Relating to challenging emotions.
    • Play as a way to learn about ourselves
    • Integrating multiple perspectives as they arise. 
    • Working with power dynamics & polarity
    • Creative, interpersonal risk-taking. 
    • Working with fear and unconscious bias.
    • Perceiving and responding to subtle dimensions of group process. 

    You Will Take-away:

    • The impact integral theory on leadership performance.
    • Key patterns and interventions for navigating intergroup dynamics.
    • Your personal growth edge and practices to engage it.
  • Praise for the Work

    For Gabriel

    "Gabriel's workshop was the most powerful D&I experience I have ever had. Gabe and his team did a terrific job holding and cultivating an unpredictable space and created the conditions for a truly remarkable outcome. It deeply touched my heart and expanded my perspectives. I highly recommend this workshop for those who authentically care about diversity and want to dive deep into the conversations that matter most."
    - Adam Leonard, Executive Development, Google
    "What I appreciate about Gabe's skill is that he can hold and honor multiple perspectives in the room and attendants, while tracking his own. He has a candor that makes participants feel immediately comfortable, a sixth-sense of knowing where the energy is at all times to ensure everyone's taken care of, and a poise that builds immediate trust and security. He asks the right questions, at the right time, which is something you just can't teach people! He's a natural."
    - Roshanda Cummings, Community Catalyst at Impact Hub Oakland

    "Even in a room of 300 people Gabe shows up with incredible presence and a gentle command of each of his interactions. He is super accessible as a facilitator, which enables him to make challenging topics like D&I more accessible to everyone. He did an excellent job of keeping everyone in sync, even when disagreement or discomfort arose, and held the attention of the room - leaving people wanting more. There was huge learning for our community and I'm so grateful we had Gabe with us to discuss and model the potentials of D&I work!"

    - Dara Blumenthal, PhD, Head of Strategy and Culture, Live Grey



    For Spencer

    “Spencer Honeyman is a fantastic facilitator who has helped our team dig deep and move with greater efficiency and power. He has an intuitive ability to sense what is needed and then lead a team through a creative process that reveals important insights. His work has benefited our team tremendously.”

    - Sam Bernier, Hakomi Practitioner


    “Spencer brings a holistic approach, and an awareness to self, surroundings, and experience that is quite unique, nice, and refreshing. Afterwards, I felt much more open, aware, confident, excited, and at peace.”

    - Erin Coburn, Owner, Oakland Crush

    “I love the fact that the process gave us a chance to connect with the invisible world, trust what we were sensing through our intuition and then combine it with our logic. It is a very grounding, practical process that I plan to incorporate in my projects and work.”

    - Chingwell Mutombu, Founder, Women’s Healing Center of Nigeria


  • Training Logistics

    The Site


    A private home in Carmel Valley, CA ("Les Restanques") occasionally used as a small-retreat center.


    The magical property of "Les Restanques" (terraced stone walls) is a secluded retreat located in sunny Carmel Valley, about 2.5 hrs from the Bay Area. The house, a handcrafted redwood home, sits among five acres of oaks draped in lacy lichens.


    The property borders the 4500 acre Garland Ranch Regional Park and its 1100 acre Kahn Ranch Addition, allowing easy access to miles of hiking trails including a small waterfall.

    There is a main house w/ full kitchen, a side studio, an abundance of outdoor spaces for discussion and gathering, a landscaped-hillside garden, and hot tub for participant's use.
    A neighboring property has also been booked for additional sleeping arrangements, with workshops happening in "Les Restanques" living room.

    Training Cost & Dates



    (Includes retreat, lodging, and food)

    *Discount & Scholarships Available


    This is a single-priced event on a first-come, first-serve basis for sleeping arrangements. Numbers are capped at 12 individuals and food is included in the cost.


    There are 6 beds available at the main house site with an additional 6 beds at the property next door (4 min walk). Beds range from a twin bunk bed to queen. All are shared bathrooms.


    Meals will be determined based on dietary restrictions of participants but will be roughly as follows: Stews in evenings, Sandwiches/salads for lunch, Eggs/Granola for Breakfast + Coffee/Tea/Snacks throughout.


    Dates: February 23rd-24th


    Participants will arrive Friday February 22nd evening. Workshop will begin Saturday February 23rd @ 9am

    and end Sunday February 24th @ 5pm.

    *Sleeping arrangements are for Friday and Saturday evenings.


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